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Unravel the mystery of traditional textile dying using mordants to create pattern and designs on textiles. Mordants, metallic salts applied to textiles, painted or printed on prior to immersion dyeing, was once a common way of patterning textiles. You'll learn how to select and prepare textiles for dying, how to harvest dye plant materials (flowers, leaves), and how to make and apply your own mordant paints. You'll learn how to set up a dye bath using natural dyes found in your garden and available commercially, and how to immersion dye your textile. Then it's time for you to embrace your creativity and put colour to cloth under the guidance of an experienced textile artist. You'll explore the endless possibilities for unique textile design through mordant pattern application. During this course you'll produce a range of samples & 2 scarves to take home to begin your journey into mordant painting. Suitable for both the beginner and experienced textile artist.

All materials used during this course are natural & safe to be worn against the skin.

2.5 hrs duration

All materials supplied.

Mordant Painted Textiles
with Natural Dyes Workshop:



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Make your next event unique, perfect for hens and birthday parties, or a fun day with friends. Minimum 6 people.

NEWCASTLE: The Creator Incubator is where creativity happens. A thriving shed full of artist studios located in eclectic Hamilton, Newcastle. Join us for a workshop and make sure you leave time to visit the gallery and take a wander through studios while you're here!
LAKE MAC: Visit the studio of Michelle Leilani, nestled on the edge of the bush where the bower birds call home, you'll enjoy working in the outdoor studio in a converted horse stable, surrounded by a thriving permaculture garden that provides plant material for the workshop.
WE'LL COME TO YOU:  at your chosen venue throughout the Hunter, Sydney and Central Coast regions.


Michelle is an experienced textile artist, a graduate of UNSW School of Art Design in Sydney, where she studied with nationally recognised textile artist Liz Williamson. Her fascination with colour, textiles, and love for plants has been combined in her continued study and exploration of natural dying, receiving recent tuition with textile artist Julie Ryder & master dyer Aboubaker Fofana. 

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